Natural Leadership

By T11-L&R


Confronted with the economic upheavals of recent years (digital transformation, unbridled globalization, energy crisis, etc.), company employees were already before Covid19 in a crisis of work relationships and disengagement fuelled in particular by a new quest for meaning.

The Covid19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem by placing half of humanity in barely three months in an unprecedented situation of loss of social ties. Confined for long weeks, employees have undergone radical changes that will have shaken up beliefs, methods and certainties about work.

The « business as usual » is more than compromised to the point that in France, the largest companies have together called for an economic revolution.

The return to work is already announced as being anything but a simple return to the previous model.

Adjustments will be imperative, errors inevitable especially without effort on the part of the management of organizations on adapting to new expectations to regain operational efficiency and ultimately sustain the business.

In what state of mind will managers find their teams?

What state of mind will they be in?

The deconfinement confirms the trend and all surveys indicate that employees do not intend to forget this forced period of introspection. Something happened.

A crucial point to attack as a new avenue are the managerial decision-making processes.

If the examples of success of over-motivated teams are numerous, there are unfortunately many more cases where the demotivation of employees leads to disengaged teams creating stressful situations (burn-out, born-out …) for the teams and the managers themselves.

Understanding the fundamental nature of best management practices on the one hand and proscribing the worst approaches on the other must serve as a basis for better supporting the immense majority of employees lost between extremes (good / bad) and who suffer situations without have the feeling of being able to influence their own work context.

The mission of the training is to:

  • Suggest the most recent possible reading of coaching and training approaches
  • Analyze the missing elements in the managerial equation
  • Propose a new approach to decision-making processes
  • Rediscover the commitment and the collective spirit necessary for operational success.
  • Get the extra soul of each employee and gain creativity and innovation

Experiment the approach with practical cases drawn from real life in the field.


A propos CAPDUPUY Arnaud

Le monde va là où nos décisions le conduisent. La responsabilité individuelle est toujours la première. Je milite pour que les prises de décisions reposent le courage de les équilibrer entre amour et éthique.
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